1. Teaching Experience is Brand of Rohn Culture Exchange Ltd.,Room 304 unit 3 no. 3 Huaxin,Block Changxin Street, Kuancheng district Changchun, Jilin, China. CEO China Nick Watson/CEO Europe Melvin Hastedt.
  2. Individuals applying for positions listed on www.teaching-experience.com will be known as the candidate.
  3. Adverts for positions listed on www.teaching-experience.com are available positions with companies/schools that have signed a contract with Teaching Experience. All companies/schools are checked by Teaching Experience staff and regularly monitored to ensure that jobs offered on the website are genuine and accurate.
  4. Teaching Experience is an agency which matches the candidate to schools/universities and with the available positions.
  5. There is no contract between Teaching Experience and the candidate and no fees will be charged to the candidate.
  6. All data held on Teaching Experience’s database is on secured servers in Denmark and Germany. All communications are secured using 256 bit SSL encryption.
  7. Teaching Experience will never disclose, distribute or sell client information without explicit permission from the candidate.
  8. All candidate data held within Teaching Experience database will be removed at the candidate’s request.
  9. Personal information provided by the candidate will be disclosed to companies/schools in connection with job applications. No information will be given unless Teaching Experience has first identified the position is still open and the candidate is suitable for that position. Teaching Experience will never use personal information for any other reason without the written consent of the candidate.
  10. After the candidate accepts a contract with a university/school, the candidate understands and accepts, responsibility to fulfill the terms stated in the contract are between the candidate and the school.