Pros and cons of learning English online

Not long ago, learning and teaching a language was exclusively done in traditional classroom settings. In these settings, learners would repeat phrases and memorize vocabulary, even from outdated sources. Most non-native speakers learned English from a non-native teacher, which affects their pronunciation.

Nowadays, learners have several options to take when learning a language. People who have never learned English before can learn it online and become fluent speakers. Non-native speakers can also attend online classes to refine their pronunciation and learn more rules of the language.

Learning English can help you in professional advancement. All you have to do is select the right course, and you are good to go. What are the pros and cons of learning English online?

Pros of learning English online

Time utilization

Most people think that learning English is a waste of time. However, with an online course, you get to waste your time productively. Instead of spending time on social media as you commute to and fro work, you can spend that long commute learning and refining your vocabulary. At the end of the day, you’ll feel better about yourself once you realize that reposting pictures is not all that you have done during your long commute.

Self-paced learning

Perhaps the stiff competition for limited resources in your traditional classroom deterred you from learning proper English? Was the teacher too fast and you lagged in most English lessons? Well, you can learn the Queen’s language at your own pace online.

Unlike traditional classes, teaching in online classes does not happen when and how the teacher decides. This means that you have full control of your learning experience and you can backtrack or move ahead of the course material whenever you want to. According to studies, retention of course material increases when students learn at their own pace.


Online English classes are ideal for people with busy schedules. You can study at your own convenience because you are not governed by any schedule, aside from the one that you create. Also, you will not spend time and money commuting to campus after a long day at work. You can opt to take your classes at home or during your free hours at the office. Without other students to distract you, you can focus on self-paced learning.

Easier interaction

If you shy away from asking questions during face-to-face interactions, you can use the chat service to get answers to questions from your tutor. This guarantees that you get your doubts cleared, your shyness notwithstanding.

Cons of learning English online

There are several disadvantages to learning English online including:

Lack of schedules

Much as lack of schedules might seem like an advantage for a busy person; it is a bad thing if you are predisposed towards procrastination. In an online class, you have no one to push you to study, and you might end up taking longer to complete a language course or not complete it at all. Completing a course requires maximum self-discipline.

Lack of accreditation

Many online courses are not accredited, and you might end up getting low-quality education. How can you ensure that your tutor will deliver the best grammar lessons for you? You have to conduct a background study on the institution offering the English language course, as well as its employees. Make sure that you choose a legitimate, accredited school. Choose a school that employs native speakers to ensure that you get the best education. Remember to use portable vpn to protect yourself against privacy and security issues that arise due to personal information.

With the right guidance, learning English will prove to be an easy task for you. Be sure to conduct proper research before selecting an online course. Look at the ratings and reviews to ensure that the course is beneficial. Do not forget to stay disciplined and you’ll find that online learning is better than traditional learning.